My personality

/!\ According to my family and my friends after a poll /!\

Qualities :

  • Kind
  • Generous (idk in what way but if they say so….)
  • Affectuous
  • Happy/ Smile a lot
  • Funny/ Crazy
  •   Often in my little “colorated” world (they seem to love this part of my personality)
  • Big child
  •   Very honest (i hate lies)
  •  Frank/ Spontaneous/ Sincere
  • Clever (actually i’m precocious)
  •   Strong-minded /Determined
  • Curious
  •  When i love something i love it to 100

(i didn’t expect to have all these qualities…ahhh i’m embarassed)


Flaws :

  • Stubborn
  •   Definitly not self-confident ( to be honest i’m scared of other people looking and i always feel like i’m judged for who I am and what I do)
  •  A bit chicken-hearted 
  •  Get nervous very quick 
  •  Often dramatize for nothing ( sometimes i do or say things that i believe are wrong (but in fact they’re not), so i feel quickly guilty and always want to apologize for things that are finally completely good) 
  •  Clumsy
  •  Quite distant /Reserved (ahem! this is what people think the first time they see me but when you get to know me more i assure you it’s not the same)